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If you want to increase traffic, sales and the consistency in your results, you need to master ONE traffic generating method.  There are TONS of traffic building techniques... Blogging, social media, media buys etc, pick just one and only one, then MASTER IT.

ANY website traffic generating method will work ... if you master how to make it work for you and your offer.

When using your one chosen method set your goal to get your landing page/squeeze page tested and tweaked so it converts at 40% or better... then you will know what you can expect to earn, pay and easily scale things up super fast.  This is the ONLY way things will keep getting better and better.

Don't expect miracles right away.  BUT, once you can start scaling, you will be unstoppable.

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Use the following formula to start your testing ...
Interest = Benefit + Curiosity

Focus on increasing your EPC (earnings per click) and VPV (value per visitor)...  This is the way to get your sales will increase consistently.

SHOW VALUE to the RIGHT PEOPLE, it really is that simple... Do not over complicate things.

Track your results using the free Google analytics - Campaign URL Builder>>>>>

Generate custom campaign parameters for your advertising URLs. The URL builder helps you add parameters to URLs you use in custom web-based or email ad campaigns.

When it comes to website traffic ... work smarter and not harder!


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