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11/27/16 Sunday

Joined the 2x4club ... A donation exchange platform where members voluntarily give donations and receive donations  Bi-Monthly.  Available to anyone with an internet connection, a Bitcoin wallet and the willingness to donate and to get donations.

11/20/16 Sunday

Zarfund has been added 'A Powerful  Global BitCoin Cryptocurrency Matrix' said to be ... The fastest growing wealth platform on the planet!  Forget Paypal  shutting down your money making system with this BitCoin Cryptocurrency ONLY - M2M system.

11/13/16 Sunday

CashInOnBanners provides massive, fast growing traffic to your website - plus a flow of instant direct $10 payments.  Delivering high-quality traffic since 2012.

10/30/16 Sunday

[+] Online marketing TOOLS & RESOURCES has been added, and you will want to check often for updated tools and tips.  Be sure to check out these golden nuggets, you do not want to miss these must have marketing resources for your online advertising campaigns.

10/23/16 Sunday

NEW [+] ShareNowBiz Just Launched ... Everyone needs traffic generated to their existing online offers. Easily turn one advertising purchase into 100% instant commissions paid directly to your account. The perfect addition to

10/2/16 Sunday

Today I joined [+] Easy5Now ... A 5 Buck Turn Key Program that Simply Works and has been around since 2013.  I figure even if I only make $5 a month with this one, I win, so why not.  Another 'must join' program offering REAL reliable profits.

8/21/16 Sunday

[+] TwoBitMatrix is now part of  How could I refuse 400 MILLION banner ads & text ads within a money making opportunity for fifty cents!  A low risk, almost no risk program ... Seriously, if you don't know two people who have 50 cents who would like to advertise their services while making thousands of dollars, please do NOT expect to make money here.

8/7/16 Sunday

[+] Pays4Ever has been added to list.  As long as everyone works together to refer 4 new members, this system works incredibly well and extremely fast.

6/12/16 Sunday

[+] LeasedAdSpace ... is the M2M program that started my addition to INSTANT CASH COMMISSIONS.  I managed to a couple direct payments from these sites and thought, how fun is this ... more of this would be really exciting, then BAM, was born.  Listing multiple streams of member to member 100% affiliate commissions programs that payout instantly.


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